De Donde Cabrona

XolayrucaI'm not gonna' pretend and say, "I get this question a lot," because I haven't gotten the question even once, but a Cabrona is going to tell you anyways.  How was Spiritual Cabrona™️ born?  Like you, I've had my fair share of puro pinche bullshit in life, and have had to learn how to navigate the shit storms.  So this Cabrona believes in mental health support and therapy.  Orale pues, so during a family therapy session I was triggered hella hard when I was told, "Just calm down!"  Cabrona, you want to see me go from joke telling Cabrona to you better walk away slowly before I go nuclear, tell this Cabrona to calm down when she's being vulnerable. 

Being told to calm down our big emotions is like us sitting on Kilauea and telling Pele to hold back her lava--can't be done! (Kilauea and Pele? Who 'dat?! Google it!)  But wait, so I'm told by my family member to, "Just calm down!" and this Cabrona responded with a low growl of, "Don't tell me to calm down!"  Then the therapist said, "I think we all need to calm down."  Well, bitch that just set me dafuq' off!!!  I felt like Maleficent turning into the dragon while working to hold back the demonio from coming out of me.  As I tried hard to contain my rabia I could only let out a low roar, "I am very triggered.  If someone tells me to calm down one more fucking time I'm going to lose my shit!"  Yes, I've learned how to communicate clearly.  

I made it through the end of the family therapy session, but I needed to leave the house fast before fucking shit up at home.  So I parked the car at a local grocery store parking lot, and called my homegirl. 

"So I scared another therapist during family therapy just now." 

My friend responded with, "She probably deserved it." 

These are the type of Cabronas you need in your tribe: Cabronas who support you, see you, and validate your emotions without judgment.  

I went from anger to processing with humor, which is one of my coping mechanisms.  I told her, "Shit, I need a veladora that says, 'Tell me to calm down one more fucking time!' to calm my ass down, and come back to center," 

This is when my homegirl said, "You should make it."

I laughed the idea off thinking it was silly, and me just blowing off steam.  Then I thought, I can't be the only Cabrona with big emotions. I can't be the only Cabrona who has been hurt, and is trying to be better.  Spiritual Cabrona™️ came forth to say, "Cabrona, I'm here!"  This is when I took the time to put down in my phone's "Notes" what all of us have been feeling collectively, and what is now on this website, Instagram, and TikTok.  This is when I began to create candle affirmations that help with positive manifestation, but also land on all of us, Spiritual Cabronas™️, who have been through hell and back while laughing through the pain.  

Spiritual Cabrona™️ is a way for all of us to not feel so alone, to feel seen, and to be held by our global community.  When you like, share, or comment a post or story, you are saying, "Yes, Cabronas, I am with all of you, and we are not alone!"  Juntas we can do so much!  Juntas we'll get through the bullshit.  

When did you realize you were a Spiritual Cabrona™️?   How are you holding it down, and giving yourself credit for how far you've come?  If no one has told you today, Cabrona, you are loved, blessed, and highly favored.  Your Well Ancestors are with you.  You're not alone.  Juntas podemos.  There isn't anything we can't do together.  Cabrona, we got this!